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  About Us       FITNESS EQUIPMENT REPAIR & PARTS    +Contract Discounts              Reduce Equipment Downtime with Superior Savings Every Time

               We manage a Facilities most important asset its Equipment


 In any RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL FACILITY THROUGHOUT OREGON    We Dispatch to all WESTERN-CENTRAL-EASTERN-SOUTHERN-OREGON TERRITORIES  Warranty or Non-Warranty Fitness Repair Service to Brands and Models of                                        "Including But Not Limited To Fitness Repair to"                                                                   TREADMILL-STEPPER-ELLIPTICAL-INDOOR CYCLE-PILATES-ROWER- CLIMBMILL-ERGOMETER-UPRIGHT&RECUMBENT BIKES-ARC TRAINER- WEIGHT ROOMS-MULTI GYMS-SELECTORIZED STRENGTH UNITS-AMT-


INCLINE TRAINER-TROTTER-STEPMILL-DOG & HORSE TREADMILLS -  ASCENT TRAINER-SPINNERS-And any other type of Fitness Equipment Our Mission is to provide superior service, And be recognized as                  the#1 Exercise Equipment Service & Repair Provider In The Industry.                                           READ ALL ABOUT US "THE WORKHORSE TEAM" BELOW

Your Oregon & Portland metro area Fitness Equipment Repair service that every equipment owner should have.                     
Is Your Equipment New, Used Or Refurbished? We Have The Solution!
Its the 21st Century We Learn We Evolve.          Our Co.was founded because we recognized there was a lack of quality low cost service options in Oregon               WE KNOW EVERYONE CLAIMS"GREAT SERVICE"BUT WE ACTUALLY DELIVER IT.                  We provide expert on-site service-repair,preventive maintenance of commercial & residential Fitness Equipment      Throughout the State of OREGON.Our staff have over 42 years of experience in the fitness equipment and Fitness Industries         and provide the best practical knowledge and technical experience.Also Home/Office Furniture Assembly&Installation Services.                                   Fitness is a quality of life for us and we know Fitness repair is important.
If you feel your being charged to much or are unhappy with your current service provider we can help you get back in the saddle!         We can provide you with a simple and cost effective service solution that is designed around your needs&specific to your residence or commercial facility,We want your equipment to last a long time! We are also Factory Certified by some of the largest companies.Our Residential and Commercial customers benefit from our extensive technical knowledge,Professionalism and ongoing training,Plus our Commercial Facilities and Health Clubs receive the added security knowing that our Support Team have the expert knowledge of the operations of high use environments.We repair all the major brands And have a broad understanding of the need for quick efficient service to get equipment up and operational as soon as possible. WE ARE " THE WORKHORSE OF THE INDUSTRY "

Numerous references upon request,that are more then willing to explain why they choose us instead of other service providers.             Our service and support Team go beyond factory recommendations giving you a better return on your investment.
Corporate Fitness Centers / Pilates 
Exclusive Spas & Resorts / Wellness Centers
Gym & Sport Fitness Centers / Boxing & MMA Clubs
Apartments & Motel, Hotel Complexes
Government & Military Sites / Maintenance & Repair Co.
Universities / Colleges / Schools / Gymnasium
Professional Sports Training Facilities /Indoor Cycle-Bike Clubs
Homeowners & Homeowner Associations / In-Home                                                                                                                   Condominiums & Townhouse Fitness Centers
Medical / Hospital & Rehab Centers / Exercise & Physical Fitness Equipment Sites
Manufactures / Factories & Retail Outlets / Repair Shops & Related Services
K-9-Kennel Clubs / Rowing Clubs / Fitness Franchise Organizations
Horse-Equestrian Stables / Crossfit Sites / Offices
Health Clubs / Personal Training Providers / Cardio Machine Sites
Home Gyms / Studios, Fitness Repair Oregon Serving Your Area And More,                                                                                                                                                                                                 We offer the most flexible cost effective equipment service,repair & preventive maintenance plans in Oregon

We will always keep you informed of all the options related to the maintenance & repair of your equipment
Please take a few minutes to look throughout our website to see the many services provided & our low affordable rates
Then just fill out one of our easy request forms to schedule a service with the Workhorse Team. We will respond to your service request within 24Hours and complete work in a timely manner. + Our response time is the best in the industry.Time after time what you get is fast elimination of"out of order"equipment.Our PARTS are always sold at retail+shipping costs with a Scheduled Service/Repair Something our competitors cant say.We have access to numerous Parts Warehouses and thousands of parts,                   For hundreds of types of exercise equipment                                                                                     
We Specialize In Service-Repair,Diagnosis,Preventive Maintenance,Refurbishing-Re-Upholstery-Rubber Flooring,   Parts,Removals-Delivery,Installation,Assembly,Warranty&Non Warranty Service,Cabling,                                     Safety-Legal Audits,Cardio-Electrical Site-Surveys,                                                                                                     
Complete Turn-Key Equipment Moves & Set-Ups, Floor Plans,                                                                                             Drill & Bolt Equipment To Floors,Cleaning,Maintain Risk-Mitigation records                                                                       Service-Repair P.M.Records                                                                                                                                                           We also provide Refurbishment,Repair of Parts That meet or exceed OEM specifications.For virtually any Motor Controllers-Circuit Boards-Alternators-Motors and Power supplies At a fraction of the cost of new replacement parts. This cost effective solution comes with a 90 DAY WARRANTY ON ALL REFURBISHED-REPAIRED PARTS
We are Professional,Well Groomed,Wear Uniforms,Are Quiet,And get extensive ongoing training.With our worry free services we strive to eliminate down time of your equipment,And maximize your customer satisfaction.If you choose one of our service plans,Weekly-Bi-monthly-Quarterly-Yearly Etc,With your agreement you will receive a Discount$ Our Preventive Maintenance Contracts are designed specific on a case by case basis.A P.M.Program will lower your repair cost on newer equipment and increase the life span of older equipment.The Benefit is increased life, With fewer breakdowns. And when they do they are generally minor and less expensive. Properly maintained equipment reduces the chance of injury or complaints and protects your Warranties. Our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed all Factory & OSHA or other Government safety and insurance record keeping requirements.

We can save your facility money$ and reduce costly repairs and equipment downtime!Keeping your customers coming back every time
With our reasonable rates dependability and knowledgeable staff we look forward to proving to you that you have made the right choice having allowed us to be your service provider!
We take pride in being knowledgeable about the fitness equipment you own And we look forward to maintaining your Equipment.

IF you have any questions?Or would like Service,Call,E-mail,Or Submit our Contact Us,Service-Repair,or Preventive Maintenance Form
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