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 Controllers/Circuit Boards/Alternators/Motors & Power Supplies at a fraction of the cost of new replacement parts.
      This cost effective solution comes with a "90 DAY WARRANTY ON ALL REFURBISHED / REPAIRED PARTS" 


              *Cardio Equipment*            

Check LED functions,Record Odometer readings.                   ♦ Clean Between Treadmill Deck & Belt.                    ♦ Inspect Running Deck/Belt & Deck Springs for damage/wear.  Inspect, Lube & Clean all Pillow Blocks.      

Align Running Belt & Check tension./ Leg Levelers                 ♦ Inspect, Clean & Lube Chain/link/Hub/Pulley/cables.

♦ Check for correct tightness of Nuts & bolts or missing ones.    Inspect Transmission for leaks or wear/clean.

Check Speed Sensor function. Switches, Overlays.                  ♦ Inspect Seat/Hand-Grips/Grip-tape/Pull Pins/Steps

Test all Heart Rate functions, Inspect Brake Pads,Cleats          Inspect,clean,Lube/crank arm/Springs/Clutch shaft.

Visually examine all Wiring & Connectors, Ribbons.                ♦  Inspect Stop Switch / Key & Tether./ Idle arms.

♦ Clean & Lube all Posts / Slides / Sleeves / Pop pins.                       ♦ Inspect power cord for Damage or missing ground prong.

Clean & vacuum Drive Belt area & other Components.                    ♦ Inspect & Clean Drive Motor/Alternator Brushes,&Fans

♦ Condition and check tension of Drive Belt./  Inspect Batteries          Inspect Clean/Lube Pedal bearings/Foot straps/Toe Clips.

Inspect the Step-Up & Drive Belts for frays / cracks or wear.            ♦ Check for excessive burn spots on Electronic Boards.

Check that unit turns freely at resistance level one.                         Listen for any unusual noises in Equipment Components.

Clean Wax Nozzle/ Inspect Wax Bladder./ Power Supply Modules.     ♦ Check clean / Lube, Check Sprocket for waved teeth.

♦ Inspect front & Rear Treadmill Rollers for debris [Clean if needed]    Check for"play"Clean / Lube all Brass & Nylon Bushings,

Inspect clean/lube Elevation/Lift Components/Cams                           And wear damage to there Mounting Posts.

♦ Inspect Frame & Housings for rust / cracks, or corrosion.                 Inspect for wear and make sure cable harnesses are snug,

Check Displays/Console/Faceplate for damage&Key pad response,    Check Cup Bearings for "Play" Clean & Lubricate

♦ Check Clutch Bearing Shaft & Rollers for tightness, Clean&Lube.       ♦Inspect,clean Seat roller,shock cord,flex foot,chain slide,cage

Check Motor & Alternator Pulley set screws,Tighten if loose.               Check Drive Input Assembly/Crank Arms/Wheels/Axle/           ♦ Inspect Capacitor/ Inductor Choke Assembly, Transformer.              ♦ Inspect Seat Roller/Shock Cord/Flex Foot/Chain Slide/Cage

Inspect Clean Tension Motor/Gear Box/ Tension Belt/Level arm.         ♦ ALL MACHINES/EQUIPMENT WIPED DOWN AND CLEANED!

   *Strength/Selectorized/Weight Room Equipment*                            

Inspect Guide-Rods Bumpers/Springs and Set Screws.              Inspect, Clean/Lube Pillow Blocks or Bearings.

Clean and Lube all Guide Rods.                                              ♦ Check all Cables & Connectors Wear, Frays,Cracks.

♦ Check and Tighten any loose Bolts./ Inspect Shrouds/Guards.           Inspect Weight Plates for Cracks.

Inspect Upholstery for Cracks or Wear,or damaged boards/ Pads.      ♦ Inspect Hand Grips./ Stoppers, Thimbles, Quick Links.Sleeves.

♦ Inspect Foot placement Grip-tape,and Foot Guards.                         Check And Tighten Bolts securing Equipment to floor.

Check/Clean Adjust Slack all Kevlar Belts.                                       ♦ Inspect Attachments for wear/safety issues, Lube if needed.

♦ Inspect Snap Links for wear & cut hazards, or missing ones.             Inspect Frames for Rust & Cracks, or Corrosion.

Inspect Pull-Pins,Tethers, Rings,for damage.or missing  pieces.         ♦ Check/ Adjust Slack/Tension in Cables.

♦ Inspect all Weight Stack numbers for wear or missing numbers        Inspect/Clean/Lube/Posts/Slides/Sleeves/Pin-springs.

Inspect Dumbbells & Saddles, Tighten Bolts if needed.                     ♦ Inspect Frames for missing or cracked End-Caps.

♦ Check Guide Rod Stabilizer Clamps, Adjust Play, Tighten.                    ALL EQUIPMENT WIPED DOWN AND CLEANED


There is always a reason for a part failing. All parts will eventually fail due to old age, But inadequate Preventive Maintenance and     

harsh environments can significantly reduce each components life expectancy. A good P.M. Program takes control of upkeep costs.      REMEMBER,if any component is found to be defective or worn, It should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid causing   damage to other components, Or injury to user. Our goal is to minimize downtime and maximize your customer satisfaction.

We provide you with a detailed "P.M. Record Card" on each Piece of equipment that lists the components tested, And the    results of each inspection with status of each component,And what Preventive Maintenance was performed to it.                                                                                                                                                                                    * We Will Always Keep You Informed Of The Options Related To The MAINTENANCE and REPAIR of YOUR EQUIPMENT*